the best 50 cents i've ever spent.

the other weekend my friends and i stopped in


this awesome and adorable store with unique knickknacks. 

they were having a huge sale

and i'm a sucker for cool mugs. 

soooo....look at why i found!

isn't he cute?! :)

i thought it would be the perfect addition for me and E's mug collection. 

plus, it has an H for *our* future last name. 

yeah, i'm cheesy and totally weird. 

but it was a great little valentine's day gift, too! we put it away in the cupboard and can't wait to start using it for hot chocolate, tea (or if you're E, oatmeal....don't ask). 

i love monogrammed mugs, and this one was kind of different from others i've seen. 

what little details do you love to see in your home?