on probably the second to last day of my cold, 
i finally got around to getting some tea. 
a little late i guess, but better than never. 

i should mention that i really really love tea. 
hate coffee. tea is totally my drink of choice.
the idea of it, the making of it, the drinking of it. yeah, everything.
my favorite? (besides chai lattes) simple english breakfast tea. 
it just has a nice taste to it. 

i've also realize that, in addition to colds
tea is a great remedy for things like 
writer's block
which is a lazy way of saying
i have too much to write
and not enough time to write it all. 

but i'm going to try today. 
i just need to sit down and do it. 
which is kind of what i'm doing now, i guess. 

here's goodbye to colds
and hello to a weekend full of
essays, short stories, 
blog posts and newspaper ideas. 

have a happy weekend :)