more of my weekend

i currently have a sore throat. again? yeah....
i barely have a voice.
really, i don't know how i get colds so often.
i'm the girl who eats healthy, washes her hands consistently
has the cleanest room in the world. 
yet somehow, i'm still always the one to get sick. 
ah, well. 
this did mean i had to postpone my phone interview until monday--
yes i'd been meaning to tell you, i have an interview with an event studio in tampa!
i was super excited too. 

did i mention i'm in florida?
yeah, this cold makes no sense. 

now that i'm done ranting and complaining--
here are a few more photos from my weekend with E. 
hope you enjoy!

oh! ps. i'm thinking about change the name of my current blog and nonexistent (future) business. 
it's a secret though. don't want to give away a good thing just yet. 
anyone opposed to this idea? 
i feel like i want something that flows better and is less complicated. 
hmmm....we'll see. 

off to take some more cough drops and do my--eww--homework!
enjoy your day, dears :)