january umba box.

have any of you heard of the umba box? 


umba box

is a monthly curated box of handmade goods ranging from jewelry and accessories to stationery and bath products. basically, it works the same way as the birch box: you buy a subscription and then marvel at the awesome goodies that arrive at your doorstep each month!

i think the umba box is such a great idea, and lucky for me, E thought so too. he bought me a 3-month subscription for christmas :)

before january completely leaves us, i wanted share the beautiful things i got this month in my umba box. they were each so unique!

the first item was this adorable box of handmade letterpress calendar coasters. what a neat idea, right? each month boasts a cute picture on one side and a small calendar of days on the other side. it even came with a little stand to display them! you can find these calendars and more fun goodies at

Sugarcube Press

the other item was a small tube of warm peach cobbler lip balm from

Live Beautifully Anthologies

. these lip balms are made with all natural ingredients including coconut oil, shea butter and beeswax. the texture as you apply it is so smooth, my lips were instantly soft! the warm peach cobbler scent isn't quite for me (i have trouble wearing fragrance on my lips) but on occasion i know i'll enjoy wearing this beautiful balm. they offer a ton of other great scents/flavors as well.

i'm really happy with my umba box treasures this month! i'm excited to see what the next one will hold :) i'm sure february will be a great selection, what with valentine's day on the way. to purchase a subscription to umba box, click