insta-recap: my birthday weekend

how do i even describe it
other than amazing?
every weekend E and i get to spend together 
only gives me another glimpse
into our future. 

i couldn't be happier with what i see. 
the weekends we spend with each other
are short
but oh so sweet.

at the hyppo cafe. happy to report E liked it.

my new birthday purse!

sharing a few georgetown cupcake leftovers.

a birthday dinner/drinks date outfit.

bruschetta at Sangria's Wine & Piano Bar.

being a goose and awkwardly pretend-peeping in old houses.

a french cafe for crepes, Bistro De Leon.

beautiful Sunday morning.

i know, i know--i take too many photos. maybe i'm just trying 
to document every spare memory i get
in the short span of time we get together right now. 
or maybe i just like instagram 
too much for my own good. 

thanks for the best birthday weekend ever, E.
you are such a blessing in my life.