five-year plan.

is such a thing possible?
probably not. 
but a girl can dream, can't she? 

E and i were discussing possibilities for our five year plan
(which is basically some sort of rough outline of goals we hope to achieve)
and we've added a few to the list. 


1. take a long trip to california after E gets his master's degree. 
2. get a puppy. 
3. put God first in everything we do. 

 i quite like all of our goals. 
it's such a struggle, trying to put God above all else. to make him our first priority in life, 
the reason for everything we do. following his guidance, his plans and purpose for our lives
is a constant battle in this world. 
i'm sick of doing a mediocre job, though. 
i'm sick of my half-assed attempts. 
so think i've moved this lesson in being love
up to the top of my list. 
where it should be. 
not just this year, but every day. 
pursue God desperately and whole-heartedly. 

and i have to admit
a trip to california
and a new puppy
don't sound half bad either :)

can i add becoming a real wedding planner to the list, too?