daddy daughter date

i'm back in florida! but i have a ton of blogging to catch up on, this week went by so fast i can't believe it. be prepared for some random posts this weekend!

before i left snowy pennsylvania, my dad and i had a little day date. he recently moved his business to a new office and it looks so great, i just had to take some pictures. 

my dad's business is called Cubic Financial Advisors, LLC. his website is



looking for a financial advisor? check out David Pankiw at

Cubic Financial Advisors


he's a really great financial advisor (and i'm not just saying that because he's my dad!) with more than

20 years of experience and success

it's hard these days to find an

honest, intelligent

financial advisor--many are brokers whose first priority to sell their company's stocks (like Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley), many of which may not be in your best interest. 

using an

independent financial advisor

can ensure you get

the best care

and the most for your money--no hidden fees, no ridiculous charges, and the

personal attention

you don't get from bigger companies.

here's a little bit more about Cubic....

At CUBIC Financial Advisors, LLC (CUBIC), our mission is to provide our clients with innovative, unconventional techniques of investment. We value integrity and work to identify any hidden costs for the benefit of our clients. With their best interests in mind, we strive to combine well-founded strategies and our own original approaches in order to produce the most effective results. We work with cost-effective trading partners and custodians because the money in our care belongs to our clients. By taking ownership of our responsibility to our clients, we put their needs ahead of our own in all that we do.

go ahead, give Cubic Financial Advisors a call today!