saying goodbye to some old friends

(don't worry, these are most of what i'm keeping!)

this week i went through my bookshelves. 

i had put it off for awhile but it needed to be done. although i love all of the books i've collected over the years, i know that i won't be able to take them all with me when i "officially" move out next winter. and i'm not sure when i'll be home again long enough to sort through them....

let's just say it was a very bittersweet experience. it took me over three hours because i would stop and read certain pages and chapters as i went. it's strange how a book can truly transport you, not only to another world, but to another place in time in the history of yourself. i could actually remember where i was, what i was thinking, what i was going through when i had read them so many years before. 

these books helped me get through the worst of times, gave me wisdom and knowledge and taught me not to be afraid to laugh and cry. i learned so much about myself from the books i read and i'm forever in debt to them. they were my best friends.

i read them with such a precious, innocent mind, one full of hope and wonder for this world. i saw possibilities for myself in the stories of others just like me. young women i could relate to and learn from. and i know that, although the books will leave my shelves, the lessons i've learned and the love i've gained from them will stay in my heart forever.