tonsillitis and my greedy list


woke up this morning with a sore, dry throat. nurse tells me it's tonsillitis.
i don't even know what tonsillitis is. 
but i have to get antibiotics today. fun, right? 

while i mope in my room all weekend and study for finals, here is my greedy list for this season. or year. or anytime for that matter. sometimes you just have air your selfish desires all over this blogging world. it's cathartic, in a way, isn't it?

1. a netherland dwarf bunny.
they should really make a rent-a-pet service. because i'd just like this little guy to keep me company while E is at work the next two weeks.
and i would name him Bunner. reminds me of alice in wonderland.

2. a cute little car.
so that i can drive myself to the doctor's instead of mooching off of friends. makes you feel so dependent and helpless. 

3. a mustard scarf and raspberry pants.
just because i've been wanting them for awhile now.

4. a blog facelift. 
i don't think my blog is hideous but i do wish i could afford to personalize it more.

5. an organic/vegetarian/vegan cookbook.
because i really need to learn how to cook healthy meals, not just cupcakes.

6. ballet lessons. 
i miss ballet so much sometimes my heart just aches for it. i'm terribly out of shape for it--my technique and turnout stink--but a girl can dream.

7. holiday couple photos. 
they're just too cute.

8. this house. 
because it's so gorgeous and open. how can you not love that?

what are you wishing for today?