just in time for thanksgiving

oh, i'm one lucky gal. 

i'm spending thanksgiving this year with Eric. we have big plans to roast a turkey and wake up early for black friday



but originally we had a dilemma. 

no dining room table. 

how do you eat thanksgiving dinner without a dining table? 

well, we're solving that problem :)

this weekend, we found an awesome, modern dining room table from ikea, and some even more awesome dining chairs. 

wanna see?

the dining chairs we found on overstock,


. what a steal.

it's more modern/trendy than we had originally planned, but i'm loving it. we have the same curtains in this room as the family room  (it was just easier) and i'm using one of the pillows from the family room at one of the dining chairs, too. now, the quest is to find that perfect navy and white striped rug....

i know what i'll be thankful for this thanksgiving. 

a place to share a wonderful, heartfelt meal with my love. 

have a happy monday, everyone :)