three things

it's monday, and my week is already insane. i guess that's because we're halfway through the semester? 
sorry for the short post but....

here are my three favorite things this week!
1. New comfy pajamas
so i got these before i got to florida, but they are so perfect. so comfy, not too hot, and a bit colorful of course :)

 2. Warby Parker glasses
i didn't get them yet (i did a Home Try-On and it was awesome) but this is the pair i'm going to buy this season! i'm so excited. they are totally nerdy and totally cute.

 3. Fudge Buckets fudge cups!
my friend maggie and i scouted out the free samples of fudge at every candy store downtown--this is the winner. because they actually gave us free samples. so of course, i ended up buying my own little cup of it.