there's no place like home

except, i am

kind of homeless

for the next year. 

i was thinking about it the other day. and i haven't actually lived in

a place i call home

for almost two years. a few weeks here and there when we have Christmas break and things, but even then, my pennsylvania home no longer feels like....a permanent home. it's that

childhood memory home

that i visit every once and while. 

i never thought that would happen. i guess i just always thought it would feel the same forever and ever....but then you grow up and move out and realize that you're

just waiting.

waiting for a new home.

what does home really mean? 

i know right now i have a dorm room (which i've made feel like "mine" as much as possible), but

it's not the same.

i miss having a kitchen, a bed that's truly mine, a bathroom that has a real home-like toilet, a living room to sit with my loved ones and watch movies, a patio to relax on at night. a

place to cultivate authentic love and family

and space to grow and a happiness, a comfort that has



in only a year,

i'll have my home again.

a real, tangible, permanent home. that's so crazy to think about--and even crazier to realize that

it will be with eric. it will be ours.

but it makes sense, really. because that's where i feel

the most at home

anyway. with him. that's what makes it. no matter where that is, it always feels like

i've come home.

i am going to be quite a happy girl.



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