the ever-developing bedroom

it's true, i'm never quite finished with something, even if i say i am. 

here i am, back to the bedroom. yet again. 

i'm really loving polka dots this year, and i kind of want to incorporate a polka dot pillow into the bedding mix. i saw an awesome one from ikea, but it's from the limited time collection, so i think it's gone, sadly. it was white with coral-pink polka dots. 

but i did find

similar ones on etsy

. the color's not exact (it's too orange for my tastes) but i'm crossing my fingers i'll find the perfect something :)

what do you think? add in some ikat, light teal curtains, some black and white bedding, dark wood dresser, and call it a fun, eclectic bedroom.

see how the orange is just a little off? I think I need a pinkish coral color....

decisions, decisions. 

how was your weekend? what do you have in store for today?