my summer makeup routine

summer's on the way out, but i thought i'd briefly share with you guys my summer makeup routine. i hate wearing a ton of makeup in the summer (especially down here in florida--can you say humid?) but i just can't seem to go barefaced. instead, i opt for a quick, easy routine. breathable, light and summery.

i wear spf liquid foundation on my skin year round. the physician's formula organic wear (in light to natural) is perfect--i never break out, it's cheap, and it protects my face. plus it smells like lavender, which is always a plus. 
physician's formula concealer stick for those killer permanent dark circles under my eyes. see photo below if you don't believe me.
some organic wear black mascara.
light powder bronzer from physician's formula.
clinique berry blush.
and some merle norman pink lady gloss.

aaand this is why i wear makeup. although my skin is usually devoid of blemishes, i'm pretty pale and usually have a few red splotches (i have dry skin). not to mention my super dark circles. 

since my skin is so dry, i usually apply this daily moisture cream from merle norman. you don't need a lot, and though it's fairly thick, it goes on easily. i use it before bed or early in the morning before my makeup.

aaand the finished product. it's not drastic, but covering up those dark circles and evening out my skin tone is definitely a plus. have i mentioned i'm addicted to blush? 

in the winter, i use a thicker liquid foundation because it keeps my skin softer and evens out my super pale complexion. i also use a lighter, pinker blush and sometimes a more defining mascara. but for summer, this is an easy routine and super affordable!

what's your makeup routine?