grey's closet // from me to you

i recently jumped on the bandwagon folks, and joined storenvy. 

don't know what storenvy is? it's this great online shopping marketplace for unique businesses. 

it's also a great way to have a your own yard sale without the yard.

which is what i'm using it for. 

feel free to swing by and check it out


. there is also a link under my blog title.

all of these clothes are barely worn, i felt it was just time to say goodbye. i try to be reasonable in my clothing purchases, so most of these items are from Target, Gap, Old Navy, and a few, more unique stores. i really strive to take care of my clothes, though, so all of these items are like new. maybe you'll find something you love? :)

do you have an online store, business or service? comment and let's chat. i'd love to feature you in a post!