city living, where the sounds out your window tell a story

i've wondered for awhile if i could ever be a city girl. 
i've never been sure. i grew up in pennsylvania, right in the heart of this beautiful farm valley, where i had space to grow and breathe and learn. 
but i've always wondered what it would be like. to be surrounded by light, noise, commotion. with things to do all hours of the day, thousands of people and opportunities. so much life in one place.

okay, let's be honest now--maybe it's not exactly like that. but there is something about a city that makes you feel alive. where the sounds outside your window tell a story instead of paint a picture.

it just so happens that eric's lease might be up in six months, which means possible relocation. and six months later, i'll be moving in. 
my oh my, how time flies. 
but we've been discussing the possibilities, and we might go for it. take the leap and move downtown.
i'm not talking right downtown (although who knows, maybe i could convince him to move here), but Hyde Park in south tampa. a historical area blocks away from center city. 

i know, it still looks fairly residential. hard to believe this is only a few minutes from downtown tampa...but it's gorgeous. a few blocks from the bay. city sidewalks and a village of shops.

big, airy windows, creamy walls and wood floors. have i mentioned how much i love wood floors? 

maybe we won't end up exactly here--but it's fun to dream. and exciting to think that in several months, we may be moving into our first big city digs.

how was everyone's weekend, by the way? i spent mine at the beach--i'll share some photos later this week :)