a very special list

back when eric and i first met, within weeks we had created a summer to-do list. a list of all the fun, quirky stuff we wanted to do before summer's end. 

of course, this list continued as we continued past the summer, and grew to a whopping 42 ideas long. maybe that's not very much. but we were very choosy about the things we put on this list. as the months passed, it was fun checking things off and adding more. 

and now, we have a new list. 
a list of things we want to do in florida.
a new beginnings, new dreams, and new adventures list. 
want to read it? :)

Eric & Kristyn's To-Do List
1) Visit the Everglades
2) Play tennis together
3) Go to a comedian show
4) Stay at a B&B
5) Get candied apples in St. Augustine
6) Go to a Tampa sporting event
7) Make our own Thanksgiving dinner
8) Go on a sunset cruise
9) Find the best bakery in Tampa
10) Visit the Florida Keys
11) Make homemade guacamole and chips
12) Go to a farmer's market
13) Fly kites together
14) Have breakfast in bed
15) Go on a bike ride
16) Visit Disney/Universal
17) Make-out in a library
18) Share crepes together
19) Spend a day in Miami

the list is small, but it will grow. it always does. some things are simple, some things are exciting, but all are important. and it just so happens 19 is Eric's lucky number--maybe it's a sign? 
that the list is perfect just how it is. there is never a deadline to our lists, anyway.
we figure we have plenty of time together :)

what's on your to-do list?