the art of long-distance

doing long-distance can be so hard. 
but it is so, so worth it.
Eric and i are really blessed to have only three hours between us, but i'm constantly wishing for more time. every moment we spend together is so precious, i just want all the moments we can get. maybe we're too greedy. but this love we have is just too important and big and wonderful and breathtaking not to be.
saying goodbye is sometimes the hardest thing to do. thankfully, we have built our relationship on trust and understanding, which makes things so much easier. and though i wouldn't want to rush this year by any means, a part of me knows that when december 2013 rolls around, life will finally feel right :)

we spent saturday shopping, eating a great lunch from Lemongrass Asian Bistro and for dinner, Athena's Greek Cafe, stumbling around St. George Street at night with ice cream cones, and watching lots of New Girl, cuddling in bed, as we shared wine, grapes and truffles. 
sunday was for yummy breakfast sandwiches at Schmagels Bagels, finding bedding (which we unsuccessfully conquered), a hanging file, and sharing a free smoothie before saying our see-you-later's once more. 

i don't think i'll ever be able to explain how happy this man makes me. as a little girl, i don't think i ever truly believed i would meet my soulmate. but i have. and each day, my love grows more and more--i'm not sure how i got so lucky as to find him. so thank you again, my dearest Eric :) you are truly one of kind. and the only one for me.