september in st. augustine...

it's officially september here in florida. while everyone at home in pennsylvania is attending fall football games and bringing out the scarves, i am basking in the sunny heat and girly dresses that make up the beginning of fall here in st. augustine. it's been glorious. although i must admit, i do miss the chai lattes and fall sunsets over the mountains....

as we continue into september, here are some of my favorite moments from august:
1. eating the best peach i've ever tasted at home in pennsylvania.
2. the amazing art show i attended in mt. gretna.
3. that one time Eric pretended to be 200 readers on my blog. (you can read that story here)
4. becoming business partners with Em! (check out her weekly posts!)
5. arriving in st. augustine. just stunning. 
6. the first day of the end of summer in pennsylvania, when the air was brisk and the sunset was majestic purple.
7. sleeping in my childhood bed for two weeks straight.
8. good-morning texts from Eric.
9. The Bunnery, where i got this amazing cinnamon bun!
10. new friends and smiling faces.

here are some more photos from the past two weeks in st. augustine. enjoy :)

hope everyone is have a fabulous start to their week! i know i am :) ps. what did you do this weekend? let's chat!