reader redesign // inspired by organic grey

they say imitation is a form of flattery. 

what is it called when one of your dearest friends is inspired by your design ideas and renovates her entire room? 

i think that's called love. 

it's so heart-warming to know that others read this little blog, especially when those others are close friends and family. my friend emma reads organic grey religiously and surprised me yesterday with an adorable album of her redecorated childhood bedroom, inspired by my blog. how sweet is that? 

she did such a nice job, i'm so proud :) it's simple and sweet and i can't thank her enough for all of her kind words and encouragement. keep her in your thoughts, as she's spending the entire year in malaga, spain for study-abroad. oh, the adventures she will have :) i'm so excited for her.

isn't it adorable? she is the kindest soul you'll ever meet. have a great time in spain, dearest emma! :)