my dearest of dears

that would be my amazing one, eric. after going another 6 weeks of not seeing each other (better than 10 though by far), we spend the weekend together. finally. and it was bliss, as always.

i just cannot get enough of that man. it doesn't matter who everyone else is with, i'm still always going to think (and know) that the love i share with eric is greater than anything that has ever existed. i love him, period.

but of course, there are certain things that i just sincerely enjoy and love about him. things that make me happy, make me laugh and make me silently thank God for the blessing of our relationship.

here are a few, just for kicks:

1. when we go out to eat, he always shares his meal.

2. he can read my mind. like when i'm getting overheated from the intense florida sun, he just knows and immediately takes me to the nearest cafe for a drink and some strawberry ice cream.

3. i love how he double/triple/quadruple checks that we have everything packed up and the room is neat before we leave hotels.

4. his eyes crinkle up with happiness when he smiles at me in the mornings.

5. he always protects me and puts me first. he is the most selfless man i know. 

6. he watches New Girl without complaint (okay maybe he secretly likes it). 

7. when i'm hurt, he's the best doctor in the world. 

8. he plays with my hair in the softest of ways and kisses me gently when it's late at night.

9. he's not afraid to be goofy.

thank you, darling.