i published my book!

buy it here!
maybe you don't know this about me, but i write. a lot. not just this blog (which sadly i've been slacking on due to classes and homework and whatnot--i'm sorry dears) but i write essays, newspaper and website features, i write about interior design and DIY's at Ruffled Feathers, i write poetry, short stories, and also... i wrote a book. 

a book, huh? a novel to be precise. it's strange and scary for me to even write this post. i'm just me. i'm not anyone special or superbly talented or anything like that. i'm just a young woman who has been in love with words since she was a little girl. 

i hate talking about the book, which is probably why i haven't mentioned it here on the blog. ever. it makes me uncomfortable. i don't want anyone to think that i am bragging or vain....but i can't deny my passion for writing. 

i wrote a book in high school. it's not the most amazing book you will ever read, but it is a sweet book, a tender book and it's mine. i self-published it this month and decided that i can, in fact, call myself a writer. 

maybe the fear is gone in my proudest moment yet. i know in ten years i may look back at this time in my life and laugh at myself for saying i was a writer. but all writers start somewhere. i'm not the best or the greatest writer. i may never be. but i am one all the same. i am me. 

you can purchase my book here. it's called This Simple. it is a love story, it is a story of growth and change, it is a story of family and dreams and maybe a story that reflects me, just a little tiny bit. it is not hard to read or super complex or unwittingly funny, but it can touch your heart and that's what matters most to me. 

please purchase a copy, if you so wish! i hope you find the story as beautiful as i do :)