a new bed, among other things

i have to apologize for not being very present here on the blogger world recently. adjusting to classes, a new environment, homework, and dining hall food (uhh, gross) has been consuming all of my time. so sorry, dears! but i have to say, it's been a great past three weeks here in st. augustine. i'm really enjoying it here :) 

eric finally has a bed! and he could not be happier. it's super comfy and of course, from ikea. 

i wish our bedroom looked like this, ha! but we do have the bed, finally. after months on an air mattress, eric can now get a good night's sleep.

you can buy the headboard, boxspring, and legs



if you are like us, and love soft, fluffy beds, check out ours



i can't wait to visit in october and take a ton of pictures for you :) hopefully, we'll buy the bedding and pillows soon, so it looks a little less bare. 

eric also ordered the curtains for the family/dining room this weekend! it took some nagging on my part (he thought it was pretty outrageous to spend money on curtains, of all things) but he came around. 

aren't they great?! i'm so excited for them to come in the mail. you can buy there


at Target.

it's finally starting to feel like a home :)

how was your weekend?