welcome to the jungle

well, not really. but good news, folks: i found the perfect rug for the apartment living room! who's happy? this girl. fo sho.

okay so technically, most zebras don't live in the jungle, but hey it was a good try, right? west elm, you did it again. this safari rug in zebra print is absolutely perfect. now, i'm not one for exotic animals prints right smack in the middle of a living room, but for some reason this rug really drew me in. could it be....the gray stripes? yes, lovelies, i think so. 

the thing about this rug is it's a statement. yet it's subtle. it's not screaming "look at me i'm the big ol' zebra in the room," it's just sneakily saying "yeah i'm a zebra, so what?"

i mean, right?

what do you think? too much print or just right? here's what it will look like when i throw it into our makeshift collage:

see? doesn't it just make this space a little more eclectic and, oh, i don't know--rich? don't forget, we also have a white klubbo coffee table and light brown wood desk and tv stand, all from ikea (couldn't fit them in the screen shot, sorry). the rug just gives it a fun yet soft look. 

oh yeah, i forgot to tell y'all that i found the right curtains for the room--finally! at first i was set on this set from ikea (texture was weird), then this one, and then while browsing target i came upon these. they're a shade lighter than the chevron pillows, so i think it'll be a nice addition. there were a few points in this process where i thought i was getting too matchy-matchy, so the different shades and patterns will really help to spice the room up (i hope--fingers crossed).

now--what's the verdict? comment and let me know! i want your opinions :)