wednesday wisdom

why is this so hard to do?

i seem to get ahead of myself often. i'm constantly writing up lists and planning spaces and events in my head and coming up with new ideas (many of which i lose because i can't keep track of all the scrap paper i grab to write said ideas down). it can get hectic sometimes in this brain of mine. 

i wish i could figure all of this out at once. that would make life so much easier, wouldn't it? but ahhh, sadly i can't. sometimes i need to know when to relax and stop planning my dream career. 

there are so many things i have yet to learn. how to balance a wedding/event budget. average costs. how/when/where to create relationships with vendors and companies. how to actually get the word out about Organic Grey. 

it's overwhelming, but more than that, it's exciting. i'm young, there is so much time to figure all of this out. in 23 days i'll finally move down to St. Augustine and start my last year of college and (hopefully) find an internship with a wedding or interior design firm and get some real, tangible experience under my belt. 

i recently came across this awesome-and-scary fact sheet about wedding costs--looking at it made my head spin. yet, while there are so many details that come with planning and designing, i do feel a bit reassured because of my previous event planning experience. this past year, i tackled an entire event by myself and was able to pull off a campus-wide celebration with an exhibit, almost 100 attendees, 2 independent speakers, 3 performances, and a dinner. sometimes i can't believe i was able to pull it off. how did i do it? i was in school full-time, i had 2 internships, and yet, i was able to accomplish something that went off without one hitch. 

not one. it gives me hope that maybe this whole planning/designing thing really is for me. but relax, kristyn (here's my pep talk)--the details will work themselves out over the next two years. for now, embrace the day. keep dreaming and challenging yourself and learning along the way. you'll get there. 

yes, i'll get there. someday is sooner than i thought....