three things

today is my last day at home! isn't that crazy? i can't believe september is just around the corner. tomorrow i'll officially begin living in st. augustine--where apparently, it's been raining like a monsoon for the past week--speaking of which....

1. Kamik Women's Olivia Rain Boot.

cute, right? i was going to get a pair of black ones, but then i decided not to be boring. yes, i just gave myself a pat on the back. i don't have any red shoes and i thought it would make rainy days a little brighter :) you can buy them here.

2. Twigs & Honey.

twigs & honey is an amazing bridal adornment shop, offering handmade headpieces, veils and garters (among other things). their lacy, dreamy headpieces are to die for--just look at this one. i fell in love instantly. you can find it here

3. Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones.

i haven't had a good scone in ages. i keep craving them, but there's no bakery in my hometown (weird, right?). i'm so excited for cafes and bakeries and coffee shop in st.'s going to be pure bliss for this girl. find the recipe for these amazing, yummy scones here.

what are you loving this week? what's on your mind?