three things

this week was full of new ideas! here are some of my favorite discoveries....

1. Bright red lipstick.

I've always been a mascara-loving, blush-wearing girl but i've shied away from lipstick countless times over the years. usually i just wear a sheer balm or chapstick of some sort, never bothering with color or shine or anything. but this morning i woke up and decided, hey, let's go for it. so i got a bright red lipstick (it's called red brick!) and a bright pink lipstick (glam pink!), just for kicks. 

2. Elephant rings.

I love this little guy! so cute and kind of quirky and fun. have i ever mentioned my obsession with elephants? i love them. immensely. i have to get me one of these, yes?

3. The happiness project.

This is a must read for everyone. every summer i read eat, pray, love but this is much more practical for those of us who want to improve our every day lives and don't have the means or time to run away to italy and eat amazing food all day, every day. gretchen tackles a different area of her life every month, aiming to find happiness in her daily life experiences. 

i hope everyone is having a great week! what's on your list of favorites today? comment and share--i'd love to hear your ideas!