three things

this week i'm really loving....

1. The Umba Box.
The Umba Box is basically this really awesome box you pay for monthly and you receive surprised handmade, crafted items from designers all over the world--from jewelry to stationary and bath products, the possibilities are endless. i can't wait to sign up for this (when i have some money of course). i gave eric the hint the other day that this would be a great birthday present or something--let's see if it works ;) 

2. Badger lip balm.

i'm a big fan of this stuff, and have been since about march. nothing--and i mean nothing--keeps my lips soft, except this. i'm that girl that constantly has dry, chapped lips but with the organic extra virgin olive oil and other natural ingredients, badger balm keeps my lips soft and healthy. i get the unscented kind and it's perfect. no weird taste or smell, and the shine from the olive oil makes my lips look glossy and plump. 

3. Crochet poufs.

i found these on Etsy about a month ago and i think they are absolutely adorable. perfect for casual extra seating, some fun color and an unconventional furniture shape. i'm hoping to get one for eric's apartment, either for his bedroom or the living/dining area. what do you think? 

what are some things you're favoring right now? comment and share!