something tropical

the other week, i was thinking about how eric and i hadn't really incorporated anything super beachy or tropical into the decor mix. and then i remembered the coral reef pillow.

do you remember it? it seems so long ago that we bought the pillows, but i did happen to mention something about it here.

well, we ordered the pillows back in june and still hadn't received them almost two months later. wanna know why? the artist who makes them lives in india. how cool is that? no wonder the wait was so long, though. they finally came in the mail last week and eric sent me this crappy picture as proof.

ta-da! (why are eric's photos always blurry? i'll never understand...) it's here! in the flesh--or i mean, fabric. isn't it cute? i love the contrast between the dark navy background and bright white coral reef. it's that little bit of tropical we needed in the room (and it's still super trendy in its handmade awesomeness). 

it's a tiny step closer to a finished apartment. i can't wait to see what's next! eric's hoping to order a new amazing mattress this weekend and some pillows inserts for these guys we got from etsy. pretty soon he'll have a couch to enjoy these fabulous pillows with, too. it's all coming together, slowly but surely :)

what are you anxious for? new carpets? new furniture? new bedding? hope everyone had a happy monday!