partners in....weddings!

happy monday morning, readers and fellow bloggers! i have some really important and exciting news to tell you today :)

as you know, i recently decided to start working on my business, Organic Grey Interior & Events Design. my goals for this upcoming year are to find an internship with a wedding planner, gain some experience, design the basis of my business, and plan at least one event. i might throw in some ABC training/conference stuff too, if money permits.

buuut, i'd been thinking for awhile about finding someone to go in on all of this with me. looking into the future, i know it will be hard to do this solely on my own--and let's face it, it would just be more fun with a partner in crime--oops sorry, i mean weddings.

meet emily neal. she's super cute, super stylish and super into weddings, just like me :)

emily and i met a year ago, through eric (my boyfriend). she and her friends lived in the apartment right above eric and his roommates, and there was always a lot of hanging out going on between apartments. i specifically remember one day in november, eric mentioned that emily wanted to be a wedding planner. my heart did a flip-flop. 

"really?" i said (eric knew that was my lifelong dream). "no way. maybe she'd wanna work with me! we could start our own business!" i was psyched. finally, i had met someone who shared my dreams. but the idea wore off fast--i didn't know emily that well, maybe she had her own friends she wanted to start this thing with, what if she didn't like me or my ideas, and so on. all the insecurities came out. so i pushed it to the back of my mind--but made sure to mention our love for weddings the next time i saw her. i told her about style me pretty and we both became ridiculously obsessed, but the idea lurking in the back of my mind stayed put the rest of the year and i was never brave enough to just ask. 

fast-forward to july. emily graduated in may from shippensburg university with a degree in accounting, and now works as a corporate accountant at hayward baker. one random day, i commented on one of emily's photos (she always has the cutest dresses--jealous much?) and a little convo started in which emily mentioned we were "pinterest soulmates." 

well, that did it. i knew she must mean our wedding boards, where we constantly shared images and pinned similarly-styled things and so i took the opportunity finally and ran with it. a week later emily and i were on the long road to starting this business together. 

the famous picture that started it all!

emily's moving to baltimore soon and hopes to volunteer with some businesses in the wedding industry, to gain more experience and advice as we both navigate this from opposite ends of the east coast. quite honestly, we are riding on excitement right now, but aren't entirely sure how to go from here. but hey, that's part of the fun of it, right? we know it'll probably take several years before this dream becomes a successful and consistent reality, but knowing that we're somehow in it together makes things feel easier :) the added bonus? emily and i really complement each other. emily's got the business knowledge and i've got the English skills, and together we both love design. how perfect!

oh! emily has also kindly agreed to blog once a week here on Organic Grey, sharing her ideas, inspiration and thoughts about weddings and interiors--so check back for Emily's Corner, which will probably run sundays and/or mondays of every week! how exciting is that?! 

happy day, happy day :)