one of those little moments

so normally on wednesdays, i give a piece of advice or share something profound or personal in my life. but today i really wanted to share a silly little story--care to listen?

my blog has only been up on blogger for about a month now, and my readership hasn't grown significantly in that month. which makes sense. i know it'll take some time for people to get interested (or for me to get interesting haha) and for the word to spread about my little blog. for now i'm just enjoying the fun of writing about whatever i please.

but i can't say it doesn't get to me sometimes. i always check to see if anyone has read my most recent posts, i keep my friends on twitter and facebook up-to-date with the happenings of my blog, but

it's been slow.

or it was. the other night, i went to bed with probably 860 views and woke up with over 1,000. i rubbed my eyes, refreshed the page and looked again. what? over 100 views in one night? how could that possibly be?

i was happy

. that may not be much to other, more successful bloggers, but hey--i'll take it. and the next day it had gone up another 100. what was going on? i couldn't contain my enthusiasm. eric and i were skyping and i was smiling from ear to ear, explaining to him the sudden increase.

"babe, i can't believe it! people are finally starting to read my blog or something!" obviously i was a little too ecstatic. eric kind of chuckled and looked like he was holding something back so i gave him a look, and in the next breath he goes,

"well, um, i hope you won't be mad but...that was me."

wait, what--say that again?

apparently, eric sat there and refreshed my blog page at least 60 times just to see the number of views go up for me.

now, i know some girls might get upset if they found out it was just their boyfriend "spamming" them. but i thought it was

adorable :)

so maybe my readership hasn't increased substantially, but it's nice knowing my boyfriend

cares enough

to read my blog diligently (he reads it before i even mention i blogged!), and take the time to increase my pageviews considerably, just to see me smile.

i would have hugged him hard if i wasn't 1000 miles away.