inspire me fridays: perch // an adorable new shop

i always love finding new little shops online! usually, i find them through other bloggers and links and this one is no different--i found this lovely store (and even lovelier shop owner/designer) while reading one of my favorite blogs the other day and just had to share it with you!

perch is an adorable new shop in memphis, tennessee that features home decor and some very unique jewelry, specifically geared towards twenty-somethings in college. all of the pieces are hand-picked and quirky--you can check out the online shop here.

this frame is so fun, isn't it? the pattern is just like the one on my blog (just upside down).

i think this is my favorite thing. "love" made into a heart? i want it.

a piggy planter. so cute!

cutesty, bright and super cheerful.

the pieces are all so colorful and reasonably priced, it's like a college girl's dream :)

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