inspire me fridays: homemade art

i'm not much of an artist. in fact, i'm really not an artist at all. but i happen to love painting, an activity i rarely get the chance to do on a regular basis. living here in mt. gretna has had its perks and today was one of them--i spent the entire day painting.

barb is an amazing folk artist, so she tried to show me some ideas and different paint strokes. let's just say i didn't pick it up very easily....but i did end up creating a few nursery room paintings! they'd be perfect in a baby girl's room or something. just some doodle-y flowers, but hey, it's something.

cute, or really lame? well, i never said i was an artist haha :) but i definitely had a lot of fun anyway.
then i tried some leaf prints. 

and i couldn't pass up some awesome chevron lines. they're a little lopsided, but i did it entirely free-hand. the large leaf print is for my mamma, and small leaf prints and chevron print are for my dorm room. hopefully i can transport them all the way to florida without damaging them!

what's inspiring you today?