inspire me fridays: grey on grey

it's no hidden fact that i love grey. a lot of people think it's such a boring color (and maybe it is) but there's just something nice about it--the softness, the delicate, fresh, modern feel of it. i'm funny though, because i absolutely hate rainy days. kind of a contradiction to my love for grey, right?

for my new dorm room, while i didn't go all out this year (not worth it when i'll be done in about a year), i did happen to snag an adorable light grey comforter. it's by cynthia rowley, and has little lavender birds, and white and yellow flower/scrolls scattered around too. i'm loving it already.... 

....which made me fall in love with these amazing rooms. 

hope everyone has a wonderful start to their weekend. eric is coming to visit me tomorrow! i can't tell you how excited i am :)