emily's corner: wedding invitations

    I was thinking this week about where or how I wanted to start to tell you about my wedding inspirations. There is just so much I look at on a daily basis and honestly, it's really overwhelming to know where to begin. This summer I have become surprisingly obsessed with invitations and save-the-dates. I feel as though it's becoming a forgotten part of the wedding and the majority of couples tend to do the same thing…get engagement photos-print it on a postcard-send it out-DONE! I don’t know about you but this seems to be a little too boring and ordinary for my tastes. In my wedding wandering on the internet I have come across so many cute ideas I’d like to share with you.

For me, the invitation is more than a date, time, and place; its unique to the couple--how you portray your relationship to your family and friends. Don’t you agree? So come on people don’t be like everyone else, its time to express yourself! Show the world how you fell in love, why you picked each other, and how you hope to grow :)