emily's corner: do me a favor?

Share all your favorite treats with you family and friends!
So let’s face one of the best things about being a guest at wedding are the favors--but only if they’re good. There are some really horrible favors out there...like bubbles. What are you going to do with bubbles, or a random bag of candy that you’ll finish on your way home? Obviously, this has been an ongoing issue in my wedding venturing. We can all do better! I think that the point of a favor is not only to thank the guest for being there but to also give them something to help them remember that special day.  It also should be something that is significant in your new couple life like something you both love. I love the idea of combining the favor into something they will use at the wedding. I’ve seen a lot of favors that are used as seat markers and I think that is so useful and fun! Sorry, bubbles and candy won't cut it this time people (at least not for this girl). Here are some alternative and awesome ideas for you to think about when your day comes!

How adorable? little herb plants for your guests!
Never would have thought of this! So cute and so useful!