emily's corner: and so it begins...

Here I am! This is so super new to me so don’t judge me for my lack of consistency and jumbled words as I try to convey my wedding obsession.  So how did I get here?  I bet so many of you are thinking what is an accountant doing amongst the creative world of design and planning? Well, my journey to become a wedding planner is different than most. So here’s the deal. I discovered my passion for weddings after a conversation with my two very best friends who are always pushing me to be the best I can be (I'd be totally lost without them). I was so frustrated this day because I was hating my college experience and second guessing my career choice. Accounting really? I didn’t think I was that boring. They asked me what my passion was and for the first time I really thought about it. I thought about what made me happy on my saddest days and where my mind would wonder in my ohh so boring classes. For the first time, I realize it was weddings. I loved everything about them. It wasn’t like every other girl who dreams of her own wedding (of course I do this too) but it was any wedding. The dress, the shoes, the flowers, the venue, the invitations, the photography, etc. every little piece was just as important as the next and I couldn’t get enough.

 Ok so I found it! I found my passion…now what? I always thought I wasn’t creative enough to only go to school for wedding planning so I decided to stick with accounting and work in that for a while to save some money and get a better understanding of how a business works so that I could have my own company. The only thing I was really lacking was a partner. Someone who had an incredibly creative mind and was skilled in the ways I wasn’t.  That’s where Kristyn comes in! She already told you how we met and our pathway to our newly formed partnership but I thought I’d give you a little more information on my side. So, I must confess I am a HUGE creeper. Once I found out Kristyn was into weddings just as much as I was I began to unofficially stalk her every move (little exaggerated but you get the point). I loved how driven she was to actually make her dreams come true and it really made me wonder why I wasn't doing the same. I wanted to pursue the same things she did but I was so scared to jump right into it. So when she approached me about us teaming up I could not be more excited! I find Kristyn to be such an inspiration in her endeavors in life as well as her design ideas and how she wishes to achieve them. I think that being inspired by the people you work with is what makes a successful business and I know it will help us grow and become what we wish to be. 
In the weeks to come I hope to share with you my wedding and design inspirations. Also, as Kristyn mentioned I am moving to Baltimore within the next couple of weeks and I've been designing my first real grown up bedroom. I will be showing my progress on the room and let you in on my all pinterest secrets. Hopefully, I didn't scare you off and you continue to read my posts as Kristyn and I begin the journey to our dream career!