a (very) late birthday present

my birthday is january 17th. why am i posting about a birthday present then? 

well, it's just too good not to share. my mamma told me there was a very unique surprise coming in the mail back in january but it didn't arrive for quite a long time that i almost forgot about it. luckily, now that i'm home again, i get to enjoy this beautiful book before i move a thousand miles away...

yes, it's my very own copy of Vogue: The Covers. it's absolutely lovely and weighs about ten pounds but someday when i have my own home, it will be displayed as it should.

the book spans an entire century of Vogue covers. it's so interesting to see the switch from drawn artwork to photography, and the million and one fashion trends as the decades pass. it's truly one of those books that's a piece of art. i'm so glad mamma thought of it!

enjoy your monday, dears!