sweetest three

i really like how a lot of bloggers share their favorite things every week, so i thought i'd start sharing my favorite three here on my own blog. hope you enjoy!

1. the colorblock gold trim bangles i got the other week when shopping with my mom. they are the cutest thing. i got three: pink, green and black. they look super cute worn all together!

2. this recipe i found for homemade drumsticks on cupcakes and cashmere. eric and i loveee drumsticks, so this will definitely be happening soon.

3. the adorable urban outfitters sunglasses i got for $6! what a bargain.

it's strange being back in mt. gretna after four more-than-lovely days in tampa. only a few more weeks until i jet off to st. augustine for the year--i've already begun packing in my head. don't worry, the bangles and sunglasses are included in the list. hope everyone's having a fabulous week!