everything good tuesdays

if you know me, you know my typical tuesday saying goes something like this: "oh! it's tuesday! i love tuesdays--everything good happens on tuesdays!"

which may or may not be true. but tuesdays have held a special place in my heart for quite some time now, and i don't intend on letting the trend stop. which is why i will now be bringing you "everything good tuesdays" every tuesday.

just what will everything good tuesday entail? well, quite simply, everything good. or at least, everything good when it comes to weddings.

i figured since i always feature my favorite inspiring home designs on fridays, why not take my extra special tuesdays and make them that much more amazing?

so here it is, folks. without further adieu, my new tuesday special.

while browsing Style Me Pretty today, i came across this adorable retro-beachy wedding venue called the Postcard Inn. it's in St. Pete--a hop skip and a jump from eric, in fact. 
don't you just love the bride's hair? so maiden-like.

from the vibrant, eclectic array of flowers to the beautiful lace dress and vintage-style table settings, this wedding just did me in. every little detail was accounted for. what do you think?

weddings are, after all, the best good you could ever hope for on a tuesday.