e + k adventures

i'm sure y'all were wondering where i went this past week (or at least, i hope you sort of missed me). last week was fairly busy and i prepared for my mini-vacation, which i just got back from today! i spent friday through monday morning in tampa with eric. and let me tell you, it was incredible.

where do i even begin? yummy breakfasts, a day spent at clearwater beach, car rides and italian dinner, dessert at the most amazing--and intimidating--place ever, hours spent in ikea, shopping for home goods, and lazy evenings in bed talking until early morning. here are some instagram photos of our beautiful weekend...

these are all from saturday. we woke up early and spent the morning at the beach, after grabbing an amazing breakfast at the beach shanty and some gourmet candy from the four monkeys candy connection. the huge pink hotel is the hyatt! afterwards, we went to dinner at bella's italian cafe and wrapped up the night with a spontaneous trip to the harry waugh dessert room. and whoaa, that was a different world--check it out here. yummmm (and super romantic!)

sunday we spent the day (literally almost--3.5 hours of pure awesomeness) in Ikea! it was my first trip as you know, and this girl was not disappointed. it was amazing. need i say more? we bought the coffee table and a ton of dinnerware items. totally cute, trendy simple and fun. i'm so in love, can't wait to go back. 

oh! and we found a mattress we like--at ikea of all places. it was super comfy and eric's thinking about ordering it within the next few weeks. woot! here's the lamp we got for his bedroom (sorry the photo wouldn't upload on instagram).

the entire weekend was pure bliss. eric and i hadn't seen each other for 10 weeks, and this weekend was much needed. i'm so glad i was able to spend such an amazing few days with him in his (someday, our) new home. 

how was everyone's weekend? any fun adventures or trips? thanks for reading!