a place for conversation

i don't know about you, but i find that dinnertime is one of the best times for conversation, especially with family. growing up, my mother always made a sit-down dinner for our family, and my brother and i were rarely allowed to skip for any reason.
this tradition has made dinner an important ritual for me; there's just something so special and real about sitting down to a cozy, comforting meal with the people you love. being in mt. gretna this summer has given me even more time to contemplate the significance of this. many nights, i make and eat dinner alone, and while it's helping to develop my independence, i miss the conversation and closeness of family dinners.

which is why, even though eric's dining area is pretty petite, i'm really looking forward to making it a beautiful space where we can share a meal together and talk talk talk well into the evening. plus, who am i kidding--both of us love to eat. it's one of our favorite things to do together.

the main room in eric's apartment serves as his living and dining room, so splitting the two up could get complicated. were hoping to use the big gray couch as the room divider, though, which should give the room some interesting flow. but instead of doing a square or rectangular dining table, we're going with round.

why round? it's younger. more modern. less traditional and stuffy. and it will break up the couch and coffee table routine (both are rectangular). we're planning to purchase the docksta dining table from--where else--ikea!
here's some inspiration i found while browsing dining spaces the other day...


the first idea is my favorite! i love how fresh and beachy it looks; instead of adding white modern chairs or even black, it would be great to incorporate some type of wicker into the mix--to play up the wicker in eric's office chair, and the overall homey feel of the place.

so here's what i'm thinking:

here, i've added a navy striped rug and a collage wall of blue zinnia stenciled artwork. plus, the buffet (for extra storage--and to complete the room) in a blue shade. what do you think?

in this one, i switched out the buffet for a gray-white one instead. considering the walls are white, i don't want to be stuck with too much white, but i like this option a lot. 

and this combo is my frontrunner, at least for now. i kind of like the distressed, retro feel of the buffet and the color is fun! 

any advice? what color buffet would you pick?

thanks for reading, dears!