six years of devotion

On June fourth, Eric and I celebrated six years together. Six years of devotion, friendship, laughter, support, partnership. Six years of knowing each other and still choosing to love each other.

Depending on the reader, six years may sound long, or it may sound short. For us, it's both; in some ways, I can't believe how quickly the time has gone by, yet it feels like we've been a part of each other forever. 

On the eve of our anniversary, we drove to the quaint little town down the road and had a romantic dinner at the French bistro, holding hands across the table and talking about our favorite memories from the last six years. Little moments, big moments, and everything in between. We shared bites of our meals and giggled and generally couldn't stop looking into each others eyes. It felt like magic, just as it always does.

It was the perfect early summer evening, and after our meal, we strolled along the streets. I had on the little white dress I wore when we eloped two years ago. A young college student told me I looked pretty. We sat on a wall and held each other for awhile, people watching and dog watching and basking in comforting nostalgia of years past and joyful anticipation for the years to come. 

We stopped to take a few well-deserved selfies, later a few more in the car, before we headed home. On the drive back through winding country roads, we parked in a field to kiss as we watched the sunset over the tops of the trees. 

Goodness do I love this guy. Each year, I find myself surprised that I've fallen more and more for him. These days, it's normal for marriages to sour, for people to split and go their separate ways. Life is hard. There are bumps in the road, times when one person or the other feels anxious or stressed, depressed or bored. And there are times when life is jubilant, exciting and fulfilling. Committing to stick through it all together takes dedication and devotion.

I am constantly grateful for the effort and attention we give to our relationship, all the little things that make up who we are as a couple. From writing letters to each other in our journal, to keeping dinners homemade and technology-free every night; from cuddling in the mornings with sleepy smiles, to always saying I love you before we hang up the phone--the tiny habits we've developed and continue to develop sustain us. I am grateful for the man I've chosen. Grateful for his patience, his understanding, his humor, his conversation. Grateful to the universe for bringing us together, for allowing us the opportunity to grow and change and become stronger and better each day. He is so very good. There is nothing greater to me than what we share.

Here's to six years. Six years of imperfect, messy, totally incredible, goofy, unconditional love. Six years of screwing up and then figuring it out. Here's to six years of you being mine, and I yours. Six years of us. And to many, many more.