Healanah Chakra Sprays

Each morning, I begin my day with a routine--a ten minute meditation followed by a cup of tea, some morning yoga and a few minutes spent writing in my gratitude journal. It's important to me to practice this ritual; it helps me center for the day, finding balance and calmness as I start my morning. 

Recently, I happened upon Healanah, a wonderful company that makes beautiful chakra sprays--combining essential oils with properties of the chakras to create healing aromatherapy. I knew right away that one of Healanah's sprays would be a valuable asset to my daily ritual. 

The Peace chakra spray is a gorgeous mix of clary sage and lavender essential oils, mixed with the properties of the throat chakra. If you know me, you know that lavender is my favorite herb--it brings me such a sense of peace, and the energy attached to Healanah's aromatherapy just adds a greater depth to it. 

Each morning, I've begun to spray an arc of the Peace chakra above me before I begin my meditation. As the energy settles in around me, I feel both awakened and relaxed, reaching a state of tranquility that allows me to go deeper into my meditation. The scent that flows in the space transforms my meditation and yoga room into a healing oasis. The throat chakra is a wonderful chakra from which to focus meditation, because from this chakra, balance is created, making it a perfect compliment to my ritual.

I'm grateful for the chance to experience Healanah's beautiful, uplifting products, and encourage you to consider purchasing one for yourself. You can use it throughout the day, anytime you need a positive lift in energy or are looking to shift and refresh your focus. Stop by Healanah's website to browse the different chakra sprays for different purposes.