The Reason

My favorite time to read is at night, when it's dark and the world is so quiet it feels like the story on the page before you is the only thing alive. Vibrant. When the light from your bedroom is the lone visible speck from space, a sign of a churning mind, imagination, curiosity that hasn't yet been snuffed out. And you're no longer there, in that silent bedroom with the single light, but another place and time, so easily transported and transfixed. There is nothing else in these moments. Time stands still and then suddenly flips forward, when you rub your eyes and look at the clock in bewilderment. It is both terrifying and satisfying, to see the numbers have skipped ahead. This feeling. This point of utter transcendence, created solely within your mind, your soul. This moment is everything. This is the moment your entire being knows. This is why you read.