Fall Trip to Ithaca

Back in October--although it seems like yesterday--Eric and I took a long weekend trip to Ithaca, NY. It turned out to be the best vacation we've ever taken together. Now we're hooked; why did we put off little trips like this for so long? It's exactly the reprieve one needs from regular life. 


The forecast called for cold temperatures and heavy rain all weekend, so we were prepared for the worst. But the town is so relaxed, warm and inviting, that despite the weather, we enjoyed our time immensely.


On Friday, we tromped through puddles on city sidewalks, popping into various shops before picking up slices of vegan pizza, then heading for tapas and the most decadent chocolate dessert. 

Saturday morning was spent in bed reading as the rain fell outside the window of our quaint Airbnb; in the afternoon, we stopped for grub at Macro Mamma's before the farmer's market ended, then headed downtown again to mosey about--which quickly turned into finding all the vegan food and gorging ourselves on everything tasty. We had bbq and mac and cheese from Star Truck, took cover in a coffee shop, then made our way to an Ethiopian restaurant for the veggie platter. From there, we wandered among the Ithaca Commons shops, taking a comfy break at the bookstore, and later grabbed dinner at a Thai place. 

Sunday was for Waffle Frolic, a short hike, and drive around the lake before we headed home. The quickest of trips, but one that will remain imprinted in my memory forever. 

If Ithaca wasn't so cold, we'd move there in a heartbeat.