Homemade Coconut Milk

Making your own coconut milk is so much easier than I ever imagined--and a great alternative to avoid buying packaged coconut milk from the store, which contains potentially dangerous and unnatural additives. 

Here's my easy step-by-step for how to make your own at home! 

Homemade Coconut Milk (yields about 24 oz.)

2 cups of unsweetened organic shredded coconut
4 cups of purified/filtered water
few drops of natural low-glycemic sweetener of your choice, if desired

measuring cup
wooden spoon
natural hemp nut milk bag 
fine mesh strainer
large mixing bowl
standard blender (I use a magic bullet)
small pot, for boiling water
glass bottle or jar for storing

Put shredded coconut in hot water (not boiling) on stove. Remove and let sit for at least one hour to soften the coconut.
Put coconut & water mixture in a blender (may need to do half at a time if using a magic bullet) and blend until smooth.
Pour mixture over fine mesh strainer with large bowl underneath to catch milk. Press pulp with wooden spoon to release any additional liquid.
Scoop remaining coconut pulp into nut milk bag and squeeze (hard!) repeatedly until no liquid comes out. 
Pour milk into a glass bottle and store in fridge (good for about 4 days). 
Milk will separate when cold; you can remove the solids from the top or shake well to combine before using. I find the clumps still pop up even after shaking, so I like to take a spoon and remove it all to avoid this.
This is a no-waste recipe, so spread remaining coconut pulp on paper towels and allow to dry for several hours, then grind in a food processor--voila! Homemade coconut flour!

The uses for coconut milk are so diverse. Add it to oatmeal, granola, Thai recipes, sauces and creams, baking breads or casseroles; the possibilities are endless!