Introducing: Limited Edition Home Goods

I'll let you in on a little secret: jewelry is not my true passion. I know what you're thinking: but that doesn't make any sense. You run a jewelry shop, don't you?

My true passion is stories; any and all kinds, whether it be the kind you find in books, through photos and conversation, or through self-expression. Style and design are their own kind of story, those that perhaps are more hidden than the kind between pages. For the past two years, jewelry has been my niche outlet into expressing that story. 

But beginning in March, the Atelier will start a new chapter--one that more closely resembles my own personal convictions. When I first decided to open a shop back in May 2013, I looked for a place where my story was lacking, where the self-expression was stunted and underdeveloped. I've admitted many times that I've never really worn much jewelry; perhaps a pair of earrings or a few rings here and there, but nothing more. Two years ago, my jewelry collection consisted of a tiny tray haphazardly strewn with hand-me-downs and trinkets impulsively picked up from local craft fairs over the seasons. There was no cohesiveness, and none of the pieces I wore truly felt like me. 

So I created a jewelry shop, filling it with designs that fit my style. It was fun and exciting to be able to tell a new story for myself, while also helping others find pieces to tell their own stories. But right now, imagination is at a standstill. The design ideas aren't coming as frequently as they were. I don't view it as a bad thing; I always knew my shop would morph and change over the years, just as I do. But I look at my jewelry tray and see myself now--the baguette studs I wear everyday, tiny whisper rings and basic bands, arch earrings for edgier days and a flute necklace when I need a little statement. It feels complete. Well-rounded. 

It's time for a new chapter. You see, I knew eventually I wanted to incorporate other artistic mediums into the shop, but I was never sure how I'd do it. How would I keep up my philosophy of handmade simplicity? How would I have the time, energy, money and ability to master a million different skills? To include woodwork, calligraphy and textiles, leather and apothecary goods in the shop? How could I ever keep up with all of these different stories and creative processes? 

Enter limited-edition home goods. The idea popped into my head a few months ago while I was stewing over various solutions. What better way to add beautiful handcrafted goods to my shop than this? I couldn't think of anything as perfect and grand and wonderful.

The concept is simple: each month, I'll collaborate with a different artist to create one limited-edition item made specifically for the Atelier. Each designer will have the chance to showcase their talent and share their story, while also helping me curate a studio full of goods that allows customers to create their own minimal lifestyle. Whether it be the perfect tea towel, pottery bowl, or set of thank-you cards, these items are practically one-of-a-kind (no more than ten are produced). They need no multiples in your home, but rather, help you develop a collection of truly classic but unique essentials meant to last a lifetime. 

I think this process will also help to better connect the creative community, to draw us together even more. Working with other artists opens you up to so many new ideas and possibilities; it's inspiring and encouraging. Most importantly I believe, it is humbling.

I'm overjoyed to announce we're starting things off with Aron from Facture Goods for the month of March! It's an honor to collaborate with such a talented individual. I can't wait to reveal what's coming to the shop on Sunday, I just know you all will love it--check back on the 1st to see what Aron and I have cooked up, but in the meantime, enjoy the little sneak peek photo above (and find more over on Aron's Instagram feed). 

Kristyn Lee2 Comments