ouur by kinfolk

I noticed today that Ouur by Kinfolk debuted online, and while the clothing is not yet available yet in the States, browsing the collection online was intoxicatingly beautiful. I've marked August's arrival on my calendar already.

I'm so infatuated by the minimalism, rawness and structural innovation of Ouur; each piece is fully realized in all its simplicity, engaging in versatility for every day, yet uniqueness for any occasion. The practicality of the clothing lends itself easily to any wardrobe, and I adore how timelessly classic every silhouette is. These are truly pieces that can last a lifetime. 

Made from wool, linen, and cotton sourced from countries like Scotland, Japan, and Romania, Ouur embodies a sense of global community while bringing to life a Scandinavian aesthetic that has weathered trends for decades. 

Natural, intentional, simple. I look forward to Ouur's release in the States, and hope you'll take the time to explore the collections today as well. [Photography by Ouur team]