pollen & wax | natural deodorant

As many of you know, I am an active pursuer of natural health remedies. Skincare, food, makeup, and daily habits all add up to healthier lifestyle, and although the journey will always be imperfect, I think it's so important to strive for these. 

I've been using Pollen & Wax skincare for nearly six months now (you can see my original review here), and finally decided to take my chances with their natural deodorant. It's been a few months now since I started using their Fresh cream, and the results have been wonderful. 

As you can read on their website, drugstore deodorant is one of the worst things you can put on your skin--the parabens, carcinogens, and other toxins reek havoc on your lymph nodes, a majority of which are located under your arms, in direct contact with the severe chemicals found in anti-perspirants. Fresh cream solves the problem by only working as a deodorant made with all-natural and organic ingredients. It's good to let your body sweat, as that's how your skin often expels many toxins.

I was hesitant to try it at first; although I don't sweat an abnormal amount, I've dealt with scent a bit and was worried Fresh cream wouldn't keep me smelling, well, fresh. I've tried men's deodorant, Tom's (to which I had an allergic reaction that made my skin peel), but nothing has ever worked besides my toxic Degree deodorant. 

I can safely say after months of wear, Fresh cream actually works. The cream is easy to put on, smells a bit like lavender, and leaves my underarms feeling smooth and happy. Even after a long day at work, while the scent mixes with your skin's natural scent, I don't smell odor. 

Here's how it works: Every morning after I shower, I take a thumb-size amount and massage it into the skin under my arms. I let it sit for a few seconds so it warms and spreads without crumbing, and then it quickly disappears into my skin. It's also great to use before bed (I sweat a lot during the night) because the lavender scent relaxes you to sleep. I'm so addicted to the smell, Eric will sometimes catch me smelling the jar with my eyes closed after I put it on. Trust me, it's really that great.

It's getting hotter here in Florida, and I've noticed that on days when I'm outside for hours on end, I can start to smell, so on these days, I'll make an exception and use my Degree deodorant. But for every day use, Fresh cream is always the way to go. It's taken me so long to find a deodorant I love, and I know I'll use Pollen & Wax's formula for years to come.

This is not a sponsored post. I just enjoy sharing things I love with all of you! Photos from Pollen & Wax.